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  3. Our future with quantum computers vol.1 – An Interview with Terabe Masayoshi


Our future with quantum computers vol.1 – An Interview with Terabe Masayoshi

Today, we interviewed with Terabe Masayoshi, who is the author of  “Our future that quantum computers change”. He is the leading person of practical use of quantum computing field. In 2007 he obtained a master’s degree in quantum technology.Since 2007, he worked in auto industry and dedicated to onboard communication development, standardization acts in Germany, and sensing technology development for autonomous cars. He is also known as a person who created many world’s first  projects such as mobility services and factory logistics actual proofing. He has visited 63 countries as a backpacker since he was a student. Today we are going to ask about his views. 

A quantum computer: It is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation. Computers that perform quantum computations are known as quantum computers. (Wikipedia)


How can quantum computers dedicate to our society?

–Generally said that quantum computers can calculate any kind of things with astronomical speed, however, they do have what they are good at and not. One of the things that Quantum computers are good at  the most is optimization. Optimization can be used to solve traffic jams. Let us think of a case that there are two cars that aim to go to the same place. If each car has two routes to get there, there will be 4 ways that these cars can arrive the place. We use “optimization” when we try to figure out the way that can avoid a traffic jam. Even though this concept is not that difficult to understand, it is very complicated when we try to calculate the numerical expressions. In the example that we saw, if there are 10 cars that has three ways to get the destination for each, there will be around 60,000 ways that all the cars arrive the place. And when it becomes to 20 cars, there will be about 3,500,000,000 ways. With 30 cars, there will be about 200,000,000,000,000 patterns. We need to find one way that can reduce traffic jams the most in those ridiculous numbers of patterns. Even the computers cannot calculate those enormous numbers at once, it usually takes one week to calculate all of them in laboratories.

But if we could calculate this in a minute in the real time, we would be able to control all the cars in a town and fix road traffic s lot. Quantum computers have the potential to realize this.


How do we solve the gap between calculated solutions and human’s emotional decisions?

-I believe that there are 2 types of optimizations. One is Individual optimization and another is group optimization. The optimization that quantum computers calculate is the latter one. However, we cannot ignore the former one when we try to solve social issues with using the concept of optimization. It is because the society is composed with mankind and we have emotions and feelings troublingly. So we cannot say that all the people would follow the most optimized way that computers showed. In that case, it is very important to make environments that people that have habits and feelings would willingly act to dedicate the group optimization if we want to solve social problems using computers. This is one of the biggest problems when we talk about this kind of issues. If all the cars are driven automatically using self-driving cars, we would be able to solve this issue. However, we don’t know when we would see the world that all the cars in towns become self-driving cars. So we need to think about the case that human drive cars, which means they have diverse demands depending on their characteristics. And iIf we focus on these demands, we would be able to make a phenomenon that seems people choose what they want but they also choose the most optimized way integrally in the end. For instance, a car with a family might want to use a way that can stop by restrooms often. On the other hand, a car with lovers may want to go to the destination with seeing beautiful scenery. We need to fulfill those demands to reduce jam traffic and make it optimized. We just cannot calculate the most efficient way without thinking those human emotions and demands if we ignore those points, it will be further away from what we supposed to. Contrary, if we could make a happy society that everyone satisfies but not knowingly dedicates,


The future vision.

-In the near future, I would like to play a role that creates a society which is deeply related with technology, like a “smart city”, using quantum computers combined with knowledge in other fields, such as behavioral economics. It is very important to think based on concepts in order to make great changes in our society. When I started to study about quantum computers, only academic professors have studied about this field so far, however, My project was remarked by a lot of people in that field because I combined quantum computers with society so that I can involve many ordinarily people with future visions.


By using quantum computers, we will be able to optimize many problems instantly. In other words, we can create new values by a moment. In order to make this happened, we need to share concept and values that we have with the people who agree with them. In this process, we can make quantum computers more familiar and famous. As result we can make the most of quantum computers and create a new future. The concept what I value is [Optimize the moment]. I wrote the book in order to spread this concept.


Also I aim to be at the crossing of society and technology. Until now, many of the people who related to technology have studied only technologies, science, mathematics, or something like that. As well as this, many of the people who have made society systems have only studied business, economics, laws, cultures, and so on in general. However, we need to be involved with both fields. No matter how much If a person could write a thesis about technology very well, the person won’t be able to change the world. On the other hand, if a person loudly says his/her opinion without any logic or evidences to support it, it is not enough reliable to get agreements. It is not that hard to imagine that if I ask future vision to the people who study quantum computers, they won’t be able to answer their social visions. Conversely, if I ask people who have studied only business, economics, laws, cultures  what kind of future do they want to create using technology such as quantum computers, I am pretty sure that they probably answer like “What the hell are quantum computers?” So, my vision is to be a person who fills the gap between these two kinds of people.


I believe that the most developed technology won’t be looked or feel like a technology. For example, AI, in general, was used to be a matter called “machine learning” that is treated by only mathematicians. However, the concept of AI has been spread to our daily life so much. I assume that it was because of the name “AI”. If we hear the name “AI”, we tend to think that the machines will learn and do anything with themselves, without our support. As a part of scientist, I don’t think that it is accurate to call the machine learning as “AI”, however, it became much familiar to people as a result. It is true that the name “quantum computer” is particularly hard to get to familiar with so I hope one day somebody names this other easy name. And then quantum computers finally will be blended with our society.


Usually people don’t know what exactly they want. As well as this, people don’t know what to do with a new technology. This meme shows this very well.


What the customer really needed

The meme Terabe mentioned. Following the guidelines below. https://knowyourmeme.com/editorials/rules-and-guidelines/



When we used flip phones, 99% of us were not able to come up with the idea of “smart phone”.



So what I do from now is to share my ideas to make it realize with the early adopters. Currently my concept is “optimize the moment”. In order to make it come true, the scientists themselves need to do the creations of market values. It would be exceedingly difficult to do for them because this is quite different from what they have used to do.


As we saw in the meme, what is important is to have changed from what we suggest first and what we created in the end. This can be said with concepts. Changes matter, so I suggest people not to be afraid of sharing their opinions and ideas with the society.


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