About Us

Why Japan?

This site aims to get people including international students in Japan who are thinking about building global careers know about new studies, developments, technologies, services, business and commercial customs in Japan. The medias that we provide in this site such as articles and videos are made with the perspectives of international students and foreign people who are currently working in Japan.

We hope that many foreigners consider to build their careers WITH Japan. There are many people who makes many interesting things and who have numerous amazing thoughts in Japan and we believe that when the foreigners including students and workers meet those things, we can make fantastic things that have never been before. In this context, we assume that the point of views of those international people would help Japanese companies that are thinking of opening out abroad a lot.

We also accept requests such as creating a public relations site for the school or making a promotional video. Please feel free to contact us.


Our mission is to make Japanese education and business open to the world genuinely. At the same time we would like to tell the attractions and benefits to work with Japanese people and companies to foreign people especially the people who are thinking to build “global career”.

We(PILOT-JAPAN) cooperate with Sociarise in order to educate global personnel and empower Japanese companies as well.

Writer Introductions

Fujimoto Atsushi

Managing Director PILOT-JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Career Counsellor (National Qulification Registration Number 17047043)

I lived in Nepal for two years from 2011 to 2013 for an international NGO project. At that time, I remember seeing Japanese language schools and study abroad agencies in Kathmandu, and wondering, “What are so many people planning to do in Japan?”

After returning to Japan, I started working at a Japanese language institution, and I started to think that there are still many things that could be improved in the acceptance and further career support of international students. Is there any attractive marketing that recruits Japanese students? Is correct information and career support provided to international students who are coming to Japan? How can we reduce the gap between international students and companies?

In order to tackle these challenges, PILOT-JAPAN Co., Ltd. was launched in May 2016, and released Japan’s first external education platform, S2S-Education Platform, and now Japan’s first external education media, Why Japan.

I believe that my mission is to serve as a connection between international students and Japan’s “Trust” to young people around the world.

Mikino Hachiya

PR & Marketing Team, editor

Hi! My name is Mikino and I’m from Tokyo, Japan! I graduated from an university in Tokyo on 2020 and currently I am working for Sociarise.Co and write some articles on this site and make videos on YouTube of this company’s channel. I have been to Brazil for a year in order to study feminism as an international student. As well as this, I have been to European countries such as Ireland, Germany, Spain and so on. I speak Japanese, English and Portuguese and I am studying French at the moment. I am into fashion and languages. I am looking forward to see you coming to Japan!

Austin Zeng

Writer, Lecturer on Foreign Students

Hey everyone! My name is Austin and I too was a former foreign student. I am Singaporean and came to Japan in 2012. Right now I work as an engineer / translator but also do projects including writing about careers for foreign students. I am also the President of MEXT Scholars Association, a non-profit organization for scholars and alumni of the MEXT scholarship.

I write my articles about careers for foreign students in order to reduce some of the opacity which I myself experienced when planning and starting my career in Japan. Aside from on this blog, you can find my writings also on my own personal blog here.